Sales Can Be Hard. Let's make it simple.


Important: We work tirelessly to help you achieve your goals. However, your success depends on your willingness to implement. We'll be right there with you, but we can't do the work for you. We're very transparent in our communication and feedback.

Sales Is Individual Just Like You

Many people are uncomfortable in sales-related situations. Whether it's through a fear of rejection, perceived confrontation or simply not knowing how to make the process work for you, it can be a stressful experience.

However, if you're going to to gain new customers, you either learn to sell your products or services effectively, or you wait for people to arrive pre-sold with their money at the ready!

The good news is that if you feel this way, it's possible to create a process that will work for you and your audience.

We help our clients to create frameworks which allow you to lead your calls effectively and simply, enabling you to talk about your offer (product/service) in a completely non-pushy, non-salesy way.

Our clients also gain the ability to talk about fees with confidence, while creating an environment where people want to work with you as the obvious choice.

And if you find yourself crumbling at the first sign of an objection, we have strategies that enable you to identify, understand and resolve the vast majority of those.

We'll work with you to cover all likely (and some leftfield!) scenarios to prepare you for any eventuality.

Calls are reviewed and feedback given to be implemented next time.

Whatever the question or challenge, we're with you to ensure you become 'good enough' to convert the conversation into a client most of the time.

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Our Services

Customized to your specific needs

Sales Training & Coaching

  • Instant Impact Tools and Tactics
  • Frameworks for efficient and effective closes
  • Group Coaching
  • One to One Mentoring
  • Bulletproof Objection Strategies
  • Team Performance Upgrade
  • Refine Prospecting for Higher Quality Calls


  • End to End Business Development Review
  • Offer Optimization for Sale & Scale
  • Marketing and Sales Integration
  • Pre and Post Sale Processes to Maximise Conversion
  • Bespoke Script/Framework Development
  • Marketing Systems and Tools Audit

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What We Do Works

What we do works. What we don't know is if what we do will work for you.

And candidly, neither you or we have any idea if we're a good fit and whether we may even want to work with each other.

The way we figure this out is via a Zoom call or similar. We ask you to book a spot in Andrew's calendar and you'll meet with him or one of the team.

You can ask us anything and you'll get an honest answer. We're completely transparent in everything we do.

So just book your spot in our calendar now and let's see if we can hatch a cunning plan to make some moves for you and your business.

Start Simplifying Sales Today

There are no prizes for being uncomfortable in sales-related situations and the stress that goes with it. If you're not comfortable and confident, capable of leading a meeting with clarity and assuredness, you are missing out on clients.

You're almost certainly aware of this.

Is now the time to break the cycle?

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Simply put, we feel that there's a better way for our clients to be successful at selling their services, enrolling new clients and winning new contracts.

It begins with attracting the right people, the ability to progress those conversations, pre-handling objections along the way and having conversations with prospective customers who are of a mind to to buy.

Sales doesn't have to be hard, pushy, slimy or any of the other negative words that may spring to mind!

So why make it more challenging that it needs to be?

Instead, we create meaningful, structured, human interactions that enable a connection to be made and a mutual respect to develop.

In an ideal world we think you'd love to have prospective clients come to the conclusion that not only are you the answer, but they'd be crazy not to work with you!

And yet so often this opportunity for both parties is lost in clumsy sales calls that go nowhere.

We also recognise that many of our clients simply don't want to sell their own services and would prefer to have the problem taken away.

This is something we can explore as there are a variety of options that may work for you.

Developing sales and enrollment skills for our clients, or running the entire sales operations (and everything in between) for our clients is a part of what we do.

A Personal Note From The Founder

Andrew Sayers, Founder

Let's be honest, sales has a pretty poor reputation for being pushy, manipulative and well, 'salesy'!

My mission is to change that perception while helping hundreds or even thousands of clients achieve immense success.

My view is serve first, everything else after that. A structured conversation that serves to establish if one can even help a prospective client, before getting anywhere near talking about 'the offer'.

Rather than wow, have I got a great program/product/ service for you!

I worked for a very short time in an environment with what I can only say was a 'sign up or hang up' approach to selling. High pressure, nowhere to go but yes or the dial tone.

It was dreadful and thankfully only 2 weeks long. It was understanding that THAT was the standard of sales that made me take the plunge and help people find a style of sales that was not only highly effective for them, but left everyone in the process smiling.

Book your 20 minute intro call with me now and let's see if we can put a smile on your face about gaining more clients at higher fees.

A little background on me.

I spent most of my career in a corporate environment, almost entirely all spent in sales and latterly, marketing. Having worked my way into numerous senior 'executive' positions, I had the somewhat daunting realisation that it just wasn't for me. Waiting in airports, waking up not remembering what city I was in, multi-day meetings in airless rooms wasn't my idea of fun. And I getting further and further away from what I loved doing most - developing teams and helping individuals become the best they could be and helping advance careers and incomes.

It probably comes as no surprise then, to find me in a coaching and mentoring capacity today. My main passion when is comes to 'work' is sales, psychology and the often complex human interactions.

My true love however is my family. Outside of the office I'm a regular visitor to the gym pre-dawn most days and I'm out in all weathers walking our two dogs. The rest of my time is largely spent being husband to Sam and father to Xander, an unexpected miracle as I approached my 50th birthday!

Yes, I'd like to simplify getting more customers!

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